Friday, January 15, 2010

One of my favorites

This is my first post. I am totally new to blogging. I set up this blog for the main purpose of expanding my sewing ambitions. I have sewn for 24 years. I love to sew and I'm addicted to fabric.
I have been working on creating a custom seamtress service. I sew baptism attire, girls clothing and occasionally do minor alternations and mending.
I hope to get organized and set up current projects.


  1. Impressive! You are doing great!!! I may have to use your services for my daughter, I can never find jeans to find right!

  2. Awesome Blog, Tamera!! And what a beautiful little model!! Can't wait to see more of those designs you have . . . time to get that talent out for the world to see!! God's Blessings to your business, my friend!!